Adding a new project to the website

This page will walk you through how to add a new project to website. If you are ninja enough, you can also make these changes through a terminal by committing a new post to the repository rather than using the GitHub interface.

  1. The website is stored in the gh-pages branch in the project’s git repository. Visit the gh-pages branch on GitHub.

  2. Click the ‘New file’ button in the top right-hand side of that page.

  3. Name your file according to the following convention:

  4. Describe your project below using GitHub flavored Markdown. You must have the layout, title, and categories information in the header as shown:

layout: post
title: "My awesome project idea"
categories: project

We should do *ALL THE THINGS*.

Commit your new file to the repository using the form at the bottom of the GitHub page.

That’s it! Your project should be listed on in a few minutes. If it’s not, fire Andy.

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