The Cannon is a data-driven approach to stellar label determination.


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The code can be installed using the following terminal commands:

pip install

(This will be on the PyPI repository when stable)

Basic Usage

[Some example code that grabs the Ness et al. 2015 data in the right format.]

Now let's build a model and train it up:

License & Attribution

This code is released under a modified MIT license. If you use this code for scientific research then you must cite the following papers:

The BibTeX and bibstem entries for these papers are given below for your convenience.

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% Bibstem:
%\bibitem[Ness et al.(2015)]{2015ApJ...808...16N} Ness, M., Hogg, D.~W., 
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If you are interested in reviewing or citing other papers using The Cannon, please view the publications page.